The 2-day FUTUREHACKS SIX 2024 has come to an end!

Thank you very much for the support of the schools and the students who participated in this competition. It is because of your extensive participation that the competition is a complete success. Here are some of the winners!

  • Eva Huang 1st in Junior Track
  • Jiaxiang Xie 1st in Junior Track
  • Emma Huang 2st in Junior Track
  • Ryan Chew 1st in Senior Track
  • Yaksh Soni 2st in Senior Track

  • First place - Manish Vishnuram
  • Second place - Micah Spaier

  • First place - Ayush Srivastara
  • Second place - Marie Perederii
  • Second place - Brandon Murray

  • First place - Adhiraj Gupta
  • Second place - Yaksh Soni

  • First place - Ojas Kulkarni
  • First place - Deeptarka Dey
  • Second place - Arnav Nayak

  • Winner - Deeptarka Dey
  • Winner - Ojas Kulkarni
  • Runner-Up - Aryan Shahane
  • Runner-Up - Sugamay Gakhar

About AIGoLearning - FUTUREHACKS

AiGoLearning is a Non-Profit organization dedicated to educating young children AI coding by advocating Teens Teach Kids.
● The program hosts small, online, live AI coding classes with varying levels for young children who are interested in learning computer science and have fun.
● The program trains high school and college students to prepare them for teaching computer science and AI classes to younger children using AI curriculums.

Contact us at contact@aigolearning.org

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