Welcome to the official FutureHacks Hackathon Guide For Parents!

FutureHacks will let your child apply learned skills to real-world problems as well as collaborate with many like-minded individuals! FutureHacks is focused on bringing the best experience to someone as a programmer, a gamer, and problem solver! Don’t know much programming but still want to attend? Don’t worry! We will have fun and engaging coding mini lessons that teach the basics of programming in a variety of languages.

Schedule: https://futurehacks.net/#schedules

  • 9:15am Sat 3/27 Opening Ceremony
  • 10:00am Sat 3/27 Start your project
  • 11:00am Sat 3/27 Mini-Lessons start
  • 1:00pm Sat 3/27 Spring Talks start
  • 6:00pm Sat 3/27 Fun Activites
  • 11:00am Sun 3/28 Submit your project
  • 1:00pm Sun 3/28 Presenting/Judging
  • 5:00pm Sun 3/28 Closing Ceremony

Discord Server: https://discord.gg/ctqCZUMsPq

- Setup Instruction Video: click to view

Wechat: Scan QRCode to join

We're using Devpost to showcase all your projects and support the judging.

You need to register now and submit your projects before the deadline (Sun Mar 28, 2021 at 11:00am EDT), both at this link:


DevPost Instruction Video: click to view

Have EVERY person on your team go to the link above and click Register for this hackathon. (You must all create Devpost accounts.)

One person from each team will Enter a Submission (which is a button you'll see after you Register). Where it asks you to add your teammates' email addresses, make sure to use the same ones they used to create their Devpost accounts.

Submit early and include as much information as you can, so you won't be rushed toward the end. And remember, you can keep updating your project until the deadline.

FutureHacks 2021 Spring Talks Roster, March 27th - Register here

Daniel Liu [President of AIGoLearning] – Senior @ West Windsor Plainsboro HS North
Siddarth Narayanan – Sophomore @ West Windsor Plainsboro HS South

AiGoLearning has over 200 student teachers, who signed up to teach children coding. In this talk, we will show you how a high school (or middle school) student can become a coding instructor, and get involved in activities such as organizing Hackathons and managing classes. In addition, we will cover how high school students can start a club at school and empower themselves with leadership and guide their peers.

Enter Zoom Webinar 1

Edmond Niu [STEM For All Program Co-director] – Junior @ High Technology High School
Satwika Vemuri – Sophomore @ Bergen County Academies
Benjamin Chee – Sophomore @ Ridge High school
Daniel Shen – Sophomore @ Watchung Hills Regional High School

Welcome to our STEM for All mission! STEM for All is AiGoLearning’s way of giving back to the community, by offering free coding classes (to underrepresented audiences) to help groups at a disadvantage. In this talk you’ll get to learn more about the teens behind this operation and how your child can become one of us. We will discuss our goals with STEM for All and what our classes have to offer. Looking forward to seeing you and your HS kid there!

Enter Zoom Webinar 2

Dr. Wei Xie - Principal of Northeast Academy of Philadelphia

Why should students apply to top colleges? How should a student prepare for college applications? In this talk, Dr. Xie, the principal of Northeast Academic of Philadelphia will share a story about how his son got into Harvard University and present a thorough overview of the new trends in college applications, why a student should start college preparation as early as possible, and what matters to universities in college applications and the game rules in top schools’ admission processes. This talk aims to help the students and their parents turning anxieties into motivations and making their college dreams come true.

Enter Zoom Webinar 3

Annie Li [Treasurer of AIGoLearning] – Sophomore @ Bergen County Academies

How do I get into my dream college? 🤩 How is college life? 🏫  What are Top Tech companies really looking for? 👥 In this talk, we will have a panel of college students from top colleges, as they tell us about their experiences at college. Participants will be able to ask them all types of questions. The panelists will talk about their experiences from both before and during the pandemic. In addition, most of our panelists specialize or have some relation to computer science!

Enter Zoom Webinar 4

Discord: This is the primary way that communication will be done between the organizers and the students. Discord is also where the links to judging, mini-lessons, and other resources will be located! Make sure to tell your kids to join the discord server: https://discord.gg/ctqCZUMsPq

Fun activities: Besides working on their projects, attending mini-lessons and mini-talks, there will also be a variety of fun activities for your students. Join discord server to find out.



Rewarded to the top 10 participants


Rewarded to the top projects in each programming language


Most Creative
Rising Star
Problem Solving
Best design


Rewarded to students that either barely miss an award or whose project judges want to highlight


Nintendo Switch
Power Banks
Gaming Mouse
Wireless Headphones

FutureHacks 2021 Mini-lessons, March 27th-28th - Sign Up here

- Link to Schedule


Enter Zoom Meeting 1 Zoom Meeting ID: 532 280 1342


Enter Zoom Meeting 2 Zoom Meeting ID: 489 171 5132


Enter Zoom Meeting 3 Zoom Meeting ID: 683 079 7089


Enter Zoom Meeting 5 Zoom Meeting ID: 633 824 5840

Rock, Paper, Scissor, Password Generator, Type Speed

Enter Zoom Meeting 4 Zoom Meeting ID: 891 200 6911


Enter Zoom Meeting 6 Zoom Meeting ID: 812 476 2889

Math Functions, ArrayLists, ArrayPractice

Enter Zoom Meeting 7 Zoom Meeting ID: 494 459 6183

Participate in Group

Yes! If you already have a group in mind, make sure all members register for the hackathon and have a method of communication. Your group can have as little as 2 people and no more than 4.

Don’t worry! If you want to work with a group and don’t have one, we will be helping participants find groups in the discord server.

There is a text channel on discord where you can look for a group. Additionally, we will have a role for those who are seeking a group. From there, you can send a message to them privately and then send them a friend request. Once you have a group of up to 4 members, you can create a group DM and add your group members.


We will be holding 4-5 mini-lessons for each language on zoom. Times are yet to be finalized, but will probably start at 11:00 am, 1:00 pm, 3:00 pm, or 5:00 pm Saturday or 10:00 am Sunday and will be lasting an hour.

They will cover Scratch and Scratch for Beginners, Scratch + ML, Python, Python for Beginners, Java, and Java for Beginners. The beginner courses of python and java will cover the basic concepts and the normal courses will apply these concepts to real-world problems.

If you are on our discord server, we will be posting the zoom link 15 minutes before the lessons begin. All you have to do is join. There will be no class limit so you don’t have to reserve a spot. If you are not on our discord server, we will be sending out a google form at least 30 minutes in advance for you to sign up. Once you do, the zoom links will be sent to you and you will be able to join


You will be presenting to a panel of judges. They will be grading your project based upon this rubric. Groups will have 5 minutes to present and another 5 minutes for questions from the judges.

We will be using devpost for project submissions. Once you have created an account, join our competition page and you will be

Yes! You can create two projects and submit both of them. This also means you will be giving two presentations to our panel of judges

Not exactly. The prizes will be given to the best project regardless of age. However, we do have a special prize category for participants in the lower age range, called “Rising Star.” This will specifically be for younger groups.

The group can still participate, but should definitely contact us before the event begins. That way, we can accommodate for the time difference in judging, as well as the opening and closing ceremonies.

Each member of the group will receive the prize.


Email: contact@aigolearning.org